Recently, my dad attempted for Guinness World Record for the largest Hula Hoop Spun. My brother was a co-applicant. 22nd Sep was the D-Day for the event. The previous record was for 16 feet 10 inches dia, and the father-son duo was going to attempt 17 feet 4 inches. Moreover, the previous record was held by a Japanese athlete. We were all excited!

But, while I could see overwhelming excitement with my brother, my father was as calm as ever. Seeing him, one cud hardly believe that he is going to attempt a world record, much less that he would succeed.

We prepared a press release before the event, and sent it to about 30 odd correspondents of print media. Only one of them called back, asking whether it was a paid promotion. When we said NO, he never came back. I was infuriated. Media is rightly criticized for being selective, and now I knew why they call them Presstitutes!

Nevertheless, my father was again calm.

On the appointed day, my brother was first to attempt. He had practiced the day before, and was pretty confident of making it through, but he failed. Now, the onus was on my dad, and we were keeping our fingers crossed. I told my dad that we have told all our friends, and we are all live on Instagram. He didn’t give it a damn, and focused on attempting his feat. No doubt, he came out with flying colours! Not only he succeeded himself, he encouraged Kshitij (my brother) to breathe deeply for a few minutes, and make another attempt. Kshitij was also successful in the next attempt!

Now comes the climax part of the story. I had believed that now that we have successfully attempted the World Record, media would line up the next day, asking for interviews and all. Nothing of that sort happened. My dad was as calm as ever, pacifying me and my brother. See, achievement and recognition are two different things, he said. The size of your achievement doesn’t get shorter because you have not got enough recognition. The size of your achievement is still the same!

Now I understand how and why he was able to achieve this marvelous feat with relative ease, at his (tender) age of 51.


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