How to select the perfect hula hoop for yourself!

Hula Hooping is the latest fitness trend in India. However, there is a lot of confusion over how to select a perfect hula hoop. So, here I’ll attempt to settle the confusion once for all!

Hula Hoops are primarily of two types, depending upon the application:

  1. Fitness Hoops (Medium to heavy weight)
  2. Dance Hoops (Light Weight)

Depending upon the materials used, hula hoops are generally of two types:

  1. MDPE/HDPE Hoops (Medium to heavy)
  2. PolyPro Hoops (Light weight)

Fitness hoops are generally made of MDPE or HDPE, and are (typically) available in size 36-42 inches; and weigh about 400 grams to 600 grams. Dance hoops are made of Polypropylene, typically available in 28-32 inches, and weigh about 200-300 grams.

Based on the size, hula hoops are generally categorized as:

  1. Hula Hoops for Kids (26-30 inches dia)
  2. Hula Hoops for Adults (36-42 inches dia)

Further, hula hoops are available in a number of designs, such as –

  • Standard Hoops
  • Collapsible Hoops
  • Segmented Hoops
  • LED Hoops

… and so on.

The first step in selection of a perfect hoop is to decide whether you need a fitness hoop or a dance hoop. Beginners generally opt for a fitness hoop, as dance hoop is for advanced hoopers. The important point to note here is that the bigger and heavier the hoop is, the easier it is to learn. Once you learn basic waist hooping, you can go in for lighter and smaller hoops for more advanced moves.

The next step is to select a right size hula hoop according to your height. Ideally, the hula hoop should come upto or above your belly button. If you are say 5 ft 3 in. tall (i.e. 63 inches), you’ll need a hula hoop of size 36-38 inches (which is approximately 60 percent of your height). If you are an absolute beginner, select a higher size, say 38 or 40 inches.

The reason why hula hooping is not popular in India so far, is that it is difficult to find hula hoops for adults. Hula hoops generally available at toy stores and even some sports shops measure only upto 26-28 inches, which are good enough only for 6-8 year old kids.

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