The magic Ring!

I had a friend, who was very much fond of palmistry and he often prescribed people to wear rings of particular semi-precious stones depending upon the problems they were undergoing at that particular time. I was always vary of his practices, but kept mum, fearing that this would unnecessarily annoy him.

Gradually, his clientele grew, proving the fact that his techniques actually worked. One day, he confided me something – You know, Prachi… Honestly, I do not know anything about gemology. Moreover, I do not believe it myself that stones can have any effect on your destiny. It’s your own thought process that can change your destiny, but you often need a stimulus to do that.

Many parents come to me for the child is not behaving well, or the business is not going well, or they are not able to find a suitable match for their daughter. They come to me with the assumption that something is wrong with their stars, and I will provide them a miracle cure. After listening to them carefully, I tell them that they will have to have patience for about 6 months, and during this period they will have to wear a particular ring. They should keep on making efforts during this period, and I guarantee that everything will be fine after 6 months.

You see… I have only changed their belief system. Earlier, they had made themselves to believe that nothing is going to be right, no matter what. So, they were not putting in enough efforts. Now, they know, they have found a miracle cure… the ring… and they put the efforts in the right direction. Nine out of Ten come to me with the surprise that their problem had been solved!

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