The Management Guru: Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is often associated with auspicious beginning, and a problem solver (vighnharta). On this Ganesha Chaturthi, let’s delve on the management qualities of Lord Ganesha:

Big Head – The big head of Lord Ganesha indicates a big brain within the big head. It tells us we have to think big.

Small eyes – Small eyes is a sign of keeping the focus sharp. Any kind of distraction from the target can result in failure.

Big Ears and Small mouth –The big ear suggests that listen more and speak less. A good manager is obviously the one who knows that when he speaks, he speaks only relevant.

Long Nose – The long nose of Lord Ganesha suggests that one should be able to smell from a long distance, i.e. smell into the future. The management should sense the risks and opportunities well in advance.

Big stomach – The stomach indicates digestion… digesting a lot of things; rather everything. A manager should be able to digest all disappointments, hardships, resentments, hatred… and move ahead until the goal is achieved.

Four Hands –Each of the four hands has something to signify. While the left hand has a modak, the right hand is raised to bless. It implies a give and take relation. The right hand at the back holds an axe; which symbolizes retrenchment – cut off – economize. The noose in the hand is a gentle implement to capture. It indicates that one has to capture things that are advantageous and pull it towards you.

Small Feet – The small feet of Lord Ganesh, which supports his large body, leaves him with no choice but to be firmly grounded to avoid tumbling or falling. Any leniency or relaxation can become the reason for downfall.

The broken Tusk –His broken tusk reminds us of the sacrifice he made. As per the legend, Ganesha was asked to write the epic of Mahabharata as Vyasa Muni narrated it. Lord Ganesha realized the enormity and significance of the task and decided that there could not be a better pen than his tusk to scribe it. This sacrifice made by Lord Ganesha, helped in enlightening the whole world with the wisdom depicted in Mahabharata.

Mouse as his vehicle – Lord Ganesha with a huge body has a small mouse for his vehicle. It shows that Lord Ganesha has no egos. Ganesha’s modesty does not permit him to consider the mouse as insignificant.

Offerings – The offerings made to Lord Ganesha are modak, durva and hibiscus flowers. These offerings, be it the modakdurva or the red hibiscus are easily available. Hence the devotees of Lord Ganesha who desire to have his darshan can easily approach him. This signifies that a true leader is the one who is accessible to the sub-ordinates and team members.

A leader who adopts these qualities from Lord Ganesha will be a true trouble-shooter (vighnaharta) for any organization.

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