Some Management lessons to be learnt with Hula Hoops !

What does hula hooping has to do with management?
Well… wait.
I have been visiting a number of schools/colleges to promote our product (Hula Hoops) under the guise of a contest called: Are you a Hula Hooping Champion?
The format of the contest is… The participants are asked to spin the hoop in their waist, and with each successive round, the time is doubled.
It starts with say, 8 seconds, and then next round is 16 seconds, 32 seconds, 64 seconds, and so on.
We are generally left with only a few candidates when we reach 128 seconds, and then there is a final round, and hence the winners are declared.
This time, my dad happened to be at a Business School, none other than ISB Hyderabad to attend a programme on Strategic Management.
I asked him to ask these people whether we can hold our Hula Hooping Contest there. The response was immediate – why not??
And then there we went with the preparation going on.
But before going there, I wanted to make it interesting. B-Grads are not ordinary people; after all; if they have decided to spend Rs.35 lacs or so, for a 12 months programme, they must be intelligent enough!
So, we decided to figure out how to impress them.
My dad gave me an  idea – Prachi, think of the ways… how you’re going to address them, with a brief of what are the management lessons to be learn with Hula Hooping !
Well, at first, my mind went blank. However, with a little brain storming, we came up with some interesting points !!
And here it goes…
1. Sometimes, you will be asked to perform, without having any preparations.
2. Unless you participate, you can’t win.
3. If you don’t use the right tools (in this case Nakshatra Hula Hoops). you are bound to fail.
4. Even with the right tools, you may fail a no. of times, before you succeed.
5. Everytime you fail, you can start again.
6. You must delegate wherever you can. But there are times, when you can’t delegate at all !!
7. If you meet the targets, you’ll be given double the targets !!
8. Even if you are promoting/ marketing something, make the customer feel like it’s an Invitation.
9. You can promote your product anywhere, even if you happen to be at ISB.
Ghumaate Raho !!

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