Chai, Man ki Baat, and Hula Hoops!

Recently, there was a real hullabaloo over PM Modi’s remarks that youth, if they want, can earn their livelihood by selling tea and pakodas. The opposition left no opportunity to raise it in every possible forum including social media, to criticise the govt. about its failure to tackle unemployment.

I am not a Modi Bhakt or even an ardent supporter, but I fully agree that lack of employment is more of an alibi for those youth, who simply want to get a job, without putting in much effort!

I may be sounding rude, but in our own business, we are finding it hard to have enough takers, even when we offer an assured income of say Rs.15000 per month!

By assured I don’t mean that the income is assured even if you just sit at home and do nothing. The job involves visiting parks and schools to conduct demo sessions for beginners, and to offer free trials with hula hoops. When the prospects are satisfied with the fact that they can do it with relative ease (and believe me, it’s pretty easy), they ask for where they can buy a hula hoop. In this manner, they are able to sell about 300 hula hoops a month!

But, I have been approached by a number of people, who want to get a job with assured income, but they run away when I tell them the monthly sales target!

Nakshatra Hulahoops

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