Hula hooping : The hottest fitness trend in India

Admit it ! You want that fittest version of yourself  since ages. But this gym thing is too much for you. Boring and expensive. You want something that is fun, easy and affordable. Voila ! You have got a Hula hoop in your hands and that can be your best fitness friend you were searching.

Hula hooping is the newest (and hottest) fitness trend in India and even celebrities are endorsing it.

One of the best benefits about hula hooping is that it’s a total body workout. If you’re tired of running or other work outs, try out your hooping skills for 30 minutes. Just make sure that you buy a weighted hoop (as opposed to the light, plastic hula hoops you can find at a toy store.)  Getting your heart rate up to 150 within a few minutes isn’t bad. In fact, hula hooping for at least 30 minutes can be an even better workout than boot camp, or running on a treadmill (and it’s much more fun!)

When choosing a Hula hoop for yourself, make sure it’s made for an adult. So what are you waiting for ? Start hula hooping and get your old body back !

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